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Upon request, experienced legal, financial and identity theft professionals are available nationwide to present various classes covering legal topics and financial planning principles, through CLC. These presentations provide personalized and unbiased worksite education. They are conducted in a manner where no products are sold, and all presenters are prohibited from conducting any marketing activities.

All presenters are experienced legal, financial or identity theft professionals with a minimum of five years of experience, as well as experienced speakers. Each subject matter expert recruited for presentations undergoes an extensive background review prior to being accepted to CLC's exclusive panel of speakers. In addition, CLC ensures that on-site presentations are successful from beginning to end by providing a personal seminar coordinator as a main point of contact for the speaker and the employer site contact.

Legal/Elder Care Classes

CLC's Care Management and Elder Care Division provides experienced attorneys nationwide to teach the fundamentals of estate planning, elder law, powers of attorney and advance directives.

Financial Classes and Coaching

Do you have employees living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with debt and credit issues, asking for advances on their paycheck or hardship withdrawals, or even having their paycheck garnished? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be one of the many employers who lose thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity and absenteeism due to employee financial problems.

Employers Also Lose When Employees Have Financial Problems

  • Employees with financial issues cost their employer, on average, 25 hours every month, in lost productivity.
  • Studies show that 54% of the workforce worries about their debt, and 35% rate their financial stress as high to extreme.
  • In a study by Cambridge Resources Group, surveyed executives ranked the "toll on productivity caused by financial stress" as one of the "most critical unaddressed issues in the workplace today."

Many employers do not know how to address this problem.
We want to share a proven solution that won't cost you a thing!

We are pleased to announce an enhanced financial education program that will not only teach your employees about healthy spending habits, how to get out of debt, address credit issues, and provide them with the tools to better manage their finances, but most importantly, save you thousands of dollars each year!

CLC Introduces a New Format That Combines Classroom Instruction with Personal Financial Coaching!

Our strategic approach begins with a financial education workshop, often presented as an on-site lunch and learn session. This process of practical "hands on" learning is furthered with the availability of a personal Money Coach, who will (upon request) work with the employee on a completely confidential, one-on-one basis, to address their financial concerns, for 30-days following the workshop, and at no cost.

CLC has established a national reputation for excellence in providing unbiased financial, identity theft and legal education resources facilitated by speakers with a high-level of experience and expertise, and no sales pitch! We use worksite classes to provide individuals with sound information and an opportunity to learn more, since research has shown employers also lose when employees have personal problems due to lost productivity and absenteeism.

Identity Theft Classes and Coaching

CLC's ID Theft and Fraud Resolution Division provides experienced Certified Fraud Resolution SpecialistsTM (FRS) and other professionals experienced with identity theft issues, to teach the fundamentals of "Preventing and Resolving ID Theft" for consumers and organizations alike.

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